Navigating Baby Loss I Jennifer Senn

Life After Loss Coaching for Stillbirth Moms

My Navigating Baby Loss Programs use my proven process to help moms release guilt and process their grief in a more positive way, so they can genuinely love their life again and figure out what’s next for their future.

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    Hi there...

    I'm Jennifer Senn

    I’m a mom who had stillborn twins, gave birth to another baby a year later, and know the toll unprocessed grief can take on your life and your future. I guide loss moms through their pain by helping them release the guilt and fear that’s so often experienced. Using my personal journey and coaching skills, I support you in healing and building the family you dream of.

    Struggling to find joy after losing your baby?
    Let's work together to rediscover hope and happiness in your life

    After losing my twins, I felt like my life was shattered. Even having another child didn’t erase the pain. Coaching transformed my world, helping me process my grief and see a hopeful future again. Loss affects so many areas of your life, but coaching can guide you through the fog, helping you heal and find clarity for what’s ahead


    Listen to what my clients say...

    The guilt after my stillbirth was eating me alive. It was drastically taking a toll on my marriage and I was struggling to focus at work. Jen helped me shake that off and feel human again. Her advice and kind words were exactly what I needed! It helped to know that she’s been there and really knows her stuff so I never felt alone.


    After losing my baby, I was a mess. Jennifer’s coaching was exactly what I needed. She helped me work through my grief without feeling guilty about feeling happy again or wanting another baby.  Now I can remember my baby, still enjoy life and she’s helping me conquer the fear of a new pregnancy. She’s amazing!


    Jennifer’s coaching changed everything for me. She listened patiently and I knew she felt everything I was feeling so I told her things I couldn’t say to anyone else. I used to dread talking about my loss, but now I can handle those conversations.If you’re feeling stuck, you have to talk to her. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.


    Your story continues: a hopeful future is possible

    Book a free call to tackle your biggest struggle after stillbirth. We’ll explore healing strategies that helped me and can transform your life. You’ll leave with a clear plan to manage grief and guilt, renewed hope, and a path forward that feels right